A Teen's Perilous Journey


A desperate need to get away from her mom and most importantly—her mom’s creepy boyfriend. Suzie McKenna comes up with the perfect way to escape, taking her beloved mustang mare, Gypsy, with her. She’ll ride to her father’s ranch. She has the knowledge, the maps, and the need; but does she have the ability?

Join Suzie and Gypsy as they make their way from Victor, Idaho to Dubois, Wyoming. Only the Teton National Forest stands between the two locations.

Mike and Sherry McKenna share a burning need to locate their wayward daughter. Can they stand each other’s company long enough to get the job done? Ride with them as they answer this question and maybe even discover what tore their marriage apart.

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Publisher: Alternate Elements
Publication Date: August, 2019
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

McKenna's Path

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